Get ready to pass GO and collect 200 rounds of ammo with a horde of zombies on your tail. 

Hasbro, makers of the popular Monopoly board game, have announced an undead-themed version based on "The Walking Dead" comic series. From the description:

"Despite its post-apocalyptic setting, The Walking Dead Comic Survival Edition Monopoly Game delivers classic Monopoly wheeling and dealing game play. Players vie for, and must then fortify, the prime real estate and resources that will sustain their lives."

As you would expect, there will also be six "Walking Dead"-themed tokens for players. They're not saying yet what those are, but I'm going to go ahead and guess zombie head, shotgun, zombie hand, sheriffs' hat, zombie leg, and a crossbow. 

The game will not be available until August, but you can pre-order for $39.99 from Entertainment Earth.

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'The Walking Dead' Monopoly game is coming
Monopoly and the zombie apocalypse, together at last.