The zombie apocalypse is coming to the Super Bowl. 

AMC has revealed that a 30-second commercial for its mega-hit drama "The Walking Dead" will air during Super Bowl XLVII on February 3rd. With this year's half-minute ads costing a record $4M, such a decision by the cable network not only shows faith in the series, but also a hunger for even more viewers. Season three's first eight episodes in the coveted 18-49 average topped, for the first time ever, all other fall series — cable or broadcast. By exposing the show to over 100 million people, AMC is clearly hoping to capitalize on some fans who may have yet to tune in. 

While there's yet no indication of what we can expect from the ad, Norman Reedus - who plays Daryl Dixon on the series - has been tweeting photos (see below) of some behind-the-scenes. I'll be curious to see how AMC curbs the gore to match the family-friendly requirements set by the network. 

The Walking Dead returns February 10th. You can check out a trailer for the mid-season premiere below. 

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'The Walking Dead' Super Bowl ad is coming
AMC will shell out at least $4M for a 30 second spot to advertise its already massively popular zombie drama.