The moment I knew AMC's zombie series "The Walking Dead" had a different soul than previous undead incarnations came during the pilot episode. The lead character, Sheriff Rick Grimes, comes upon a gruesome decaying woman with no legs, pulling herself slowly through the grass in search of, well, human flesh. It's a pitiful scene, and a departure for the genre, because you actually feel sorry for the monster. 


In an act of mercy, Grimes takes time out of the search for his wife and child to kill the woman. Right there, you knew this series would be more than just another "zombie chase" thriller. And now AMC wants to expand that human element a bit further. 


The network recently announced that it will launch an exclusive online series exploring the back story of that ill-fated zombie, nicknamed the "Bicycle Girl."


“Working on 'The Walking Dead' with such a fantastic cast and crew has been an amazing opportunity, and to have our contribution to the show celebrated is a tremendous compliment," said SFX guru and co-executive producer Greg Nicotero. "I have always felt like the show had a cinematic feel and everyone involved is dedicated to making this show something special. To be able to branch out and to develop not only the Web series but also genre material is something I have always wanted to do; given the people I have had the pleasure of working with over the last 23 years.”


The webisodes, debuting online on Oct. 3, will show the "Bicycle Girl" before the outbreak, examining her life when the virus hits and how she deals with the collapse of society. It's bound to be a tremendously interesting story — especially since much of Season One takes place after zombies have already decimated the human population. 


"We looked at the Bicycle Girl character and there was so much sympathy generated from her zombie — you look at her and yeah, she's a monster, but she's really sad and there was so much emotion involved that I thought, how great would it be to actually see her back story as a human?" said Nicotero. "To see what sacrifices she makes in the last moments of her life before she's torn apart by walkers."


A new promo, featuring a bit more action from Season Two (Oct. 16) has also just hit the Web. Check it out below:


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'The Walking Dead' web series is coming
AMC's hit zombie drama will use the online series to reveal the back story of a certain compelling undead monster.