Looking for a movie this weekend to make you burst out in a combination of laughter and tears? 

According to Rolling Stone's Peter Travers - and a host of other critics -  "The World's End" will more than surpass that requirement. 

"To my surprise, a diamond has emerged from the gutter," writes Travers. "Its name is The World's End, and it'll knock you on you a** from laughing when you're not rubbing your eyes in disbelief."

The new comedy from British director Edgar Wright, the third in a trilogy of films that includes the much-beloved "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz," once again teams up actors Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and some other well-known blokes for an apocalyptic bar crawl. Unfortunately, by the time the group reaches the last bar, fittingly called The World's End, all hell breaks via a full-scale alien invasion. 

Wright summed up the film to IGN by saying: "It’s a boy’s night out movie gone wrong." 

Some other reviews: 

"This is cheeky British irreverence at its best, and there's even a bit of meaning and moral behind it all if you can see through the laughter." - Tom Long, Detroit News

"I pretty much unreservedly loved The World's End, whose compact dramatic structure and steady flow of good jokes puts most mainstream American comedies-too often loosely bundled collections of hit-or-miss sketches-to shame." - Dana Stevens, Slate.com

"The World's End" is more like an antic sugar high than a reeling, drunken stupor. There are no headaches, dry mouth or crushing shame at the end - no "Hangover," in other words. I'll drink to that." - A.O. Scott, The NY Times

Check out the trailer below: 

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'The World's End' is your best bet at the cinema
Director Edgar Wright's latest end-of-the-world comedy is getting rave reviews from critics.