It appears that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are once again in for a long night of fighting the apocalypse. 

The comedic duo, known for their hilarity in Edgar Wright's "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz," have teamed up with the director yet again for a film about some average guys who decide to get together for a reunion pup crawl. Unfortunately, by the time they get to the last pub, aptly called "The World's End", they face what appears to be a full-on alien robot invasion in progress. 

Wright summed up the film to IGN by saying: "It’s a boy’s night out movie gone wrong."

“The World’s End” is due in theaters Aug. 23.

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'The World's End' trailer features apocalyptic pub crawl
Director Edgar Wright's latest end-of-the-world comedy includes five friends, lots of beer, and an alien invasion.