You know when a child innocently asks in a movie, "Daddy, what's martial law?" that bad things are about to go down.

So begins the new trailer for Brad Pitt's zombie flick "World War Z," which provides the best glimpses yet at both the plotline and the monsters attempting to ruin humanity. You'll see zombie tidal waves, zombie ladders, and even zombies soaring. It's safe to say that if the survivors of "The Walking Dead" went up against this particular version of the undead, the show would not have lasted more than a couple of episodes. As fans of the book "World War Z" is based on have noticed, this is a huge deviation from that story's zombie invasion. 

"The one thing that lot of people will have [a] discussion over is the movement of the zombies,” director Marc Forster said in an interview. "'In the Max Brooks' book, they move in the George Romero fashion. I feel like we have a little bit of a different approach. But it doesn’t exclude they might not eventually be fashioned by how George Romero’s move. It's just a little bit of a different approach."

"World War Z" is slated to infect theaters on June 21. Check out the new trailer below. 

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The zombie apocalypse and Brad Pitt get a full trailer
'World War Z,' which opens June 21, features a world suddenly overtaken by a virus that turns humans into undead monsters.