This video, shot in 1986 at a Moscow grocery store, is a great reminder of how easy we have it here in the United States in terms of food. For all its faults, capitalism does a good job of giving us lots of shopping options at the grocery store.

California, where the vast majority of American fruits and vegetables are grown, is currently in the midst of a record-setting drought with snowpack averaging around 10 percent of normal. This is going to translate into constrained food supplies and higher grocery bills for shoppers later this year. While our stores certainly won’t look like their Soviet analogs, we could end up seeing some empty shelves as the lack of water takes its agricultural toll on California farmers.

Via Reddit.

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This is what grocery shopping was like in Moscow in 1986
Empty shelves and scarcity were the hallmark of Soviet-era Russian grocery stores. Watch this fascinating video about the Moscow experience.