One of the greatest ocean expeditions of the 20th century took place in 1947 when Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl set out on a journey of 4,300 miles across the Pacific to prove a theory. Heyerdahl was convinced that people from South America could have settled Polynesia in pre-Columbian times, a view most anthropologists did not share. Undeterred, he and five other adventurers traveled to Peru and built a primitive raft from balsa wood and other native materials, naming it the "Kon-Tiki." The adventure that unfolded has now been turned into an Academy-award nominated film slated for American theaters on April 26. 

"The journey is arduous, surveying starving and fried men, yet 'Kon-Tiki' retains a classic adventure pose, communicating the power of resolution, while issuing oceanic challenges to its final moments," writes Brian Orndorf in a review. "It’s a gripping story sold with a gorgeously mounted feature that remains as expansive as history recalls and intimate as cinema allows."

Unfortunately, "Kon-Tiki" lost out on the Oscar for Best Foreign-Language Film to "Armour," but it's wonderful to see The Weinstein Co. bringing it to American shores. Check out the latest trailer for the movie below. 

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Thrilling trailer for 'Kon-Tiki' ocean drama arrives
Film tells the true story of Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl and his expedition across the Pacific on a raft made of balsa wood.