Behold the strange beauty of dissolved medicine.
Behold the strange beauty of dissolved medicine. (Photo: Macro Room/YouTube)

Ever wondered what a pill looks like after you pop it into your mouth and wash it down with a glass of water? Probably not, since sneaking a peek inside someone's digestive system to watch pharmaceuticals break down isn't easily accomplished. Luckily, that's why time-lapse photography exists!

In the video below, a colorful array of capsules, tablets and gelcaps are placed in water-filled petri dishes while a nearby camera keeps a careful eye. The result — a psychedelic parade of vibrant hues and textures — looks like something out of this world:

The trippy clip is produced by the Macro Room, a YouTube channel that specializes in shooting videos that show viewers an up-close view of how common objects transform at the hands of external forces, like water or fire.

If you liked the time-lapse of the dissolving pills, just wait until you see this video that demonstrates the fine details of burning wooden sticks:

Catie Leary ( @catieleary ) writes about science, travel, animals and the arts.