While construction of the Titanic II has yet to officially kick off, applications for some of the vessel's most senior positions are already being accepted.

In a new interview with The Australian, business mogul Clive Palmer says eight people have already submitted resumes for the position of captain.

"Some of (the applicants) are cruise ship captains and some are super tanker captains," he said. "But I would see one of the best jobs on Titanic II really as being the activities director because there are so many activities to do on the boat and there are so many different ideas going back in time. We’ll be having balls and arranging a whole lot of different things.

"The food and beverage director is also another great job because we've got 68 chefs who have already produced the Titanic II menus," he added. "The food in 1912 was of a totally different cooking style than today, so I suppose that's a great job for people on the ship."

Perhaps to encourage others to apply, Palmer said staff serving aboard the Titanic II will enjoy perks not found anywhere else.

"(Wages) will be pretty similar to other cruise ships but there will be a certain elitism to say you've worked on Titanic II," he said. "They'll get to have a 20-course dinner in first class. (Staff accommodation) will be in better quality cabins than the passengers. I think you'd fall in love and get married. It will be a ship full of love."

The 59-year-old added that staff may also find themselves on the big screen as he intends to create some kind of film about the ship. "We're actually pretty sure (staff will star in the movie)," he said. "I don't think we'll be employing actors — we want the ones in the movie to be more true to real life."

Let's hope this one has a happier ending than the first.

Titanic II, set to launch in 2016, will be accepting applications for positions through the end of 2015. Interested? Visit the Blue Star Line site for contact details.

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Titanic II now accepting applications for 'Captain'
Billionaire Clive Palmer says eight people have already sent in resumes for the position.