Back in March 2010, Sarah Palin was both the darling of conservative America and a hot item for the cable television networks. Teaming up with reality show producer Mark Burnett, the former Republican vice presidential candidate shopped a series about her family and the wonders of her home state titled "Sarah Palin's Alaska." The networks went crazy, with TLC eventually winning a bidding war over A&E for a rumored $1 million per episode. 


After the series concluded in January 2011, TLC reported that Palin was not interested in pursuing a second season — despite record ratings for the network. Rumors circulated that she was shedding the reality scene to focus on a possible run for president.  


With that no longer an option, Palin and Burnett are back — this time shopping a reality series about Todd Palin and his snowmobile adventures. Unfortunately for them, the rest of the world appears no longer interested. 


Both Discovery Communications (owner of TLC) and A&E Networks have passed on the series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The site quotes one "insider" as saying "“I think it’s safe to say her time has passed.”


Besides what appears to be a rather mundane plot vehicle, Burnett is reportedly also looking to score the same deal he received for "Sarah Palin's Alaska." It's no wonder the networks are balking at the pitch. 


What do you think? Has Sarah Palin's time as an influential media force passed?

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Todd Palin's snowmobile series left out in the cold
Finally, it appears that the networks' love affair with the Palin family is coming to a merciful end.