Before she passed away July 23rd, Amy Winehouse recorded one final, beautiful performance with Tony Bennett of the jazz standard "Body and Soul". This morning, on what would have been her 28th birthday, Bennett released the full video of his time spent with Winehouse in the recording studio. It's a touching piece - and yet another sad reminder of the talent lost. 


"Of all of the artists that I've met," Bennett said in an interview with MTV, "when I heard her, I just said she's the only one that's doin' it the right way. It's the kind of music I believe in, someone who knows how to intuitively improvise and make it believable, and sing with humanity and soul - honesty, no compromising, singing it the right way. And it's very spontaneous. Right at the moment, she would change a phrase."


"And that's a gift," he added. "You can't say 'I'm gonna sing rock and roll.' You can't say, 'I'm gonna sing jazz,' because jazz is an art that either you have it or you haven't got it. Amy had that gift."


Proceeds from the sales of the duet will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which also launched today. Though not specified, reports say the money will be channeled to children's charities. You can view the Bennett/Winehouse duet below. 


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Tony Bennett honors Amy Winehouse with duet video
'Body and Soul' to benefit the late singer's new charitable foundation.