Curious what an eco-friendly pre-fab home looks like? Take a tour of Kohler LivingHome, a green pre-fab assembled in just four days in time for the recent TED conference in Long Beach.

Designed by KieranTimberlake and made by LivingHomes — the company behind the eco-mansion that’s the Wired LivingHome in Brentwood — the Kohler LivingHome was created by stacking together four steel and wood modules. The 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath home has deck space on both floors and has been tricked out with the latest eco-technologies, from a photovoltaic system to an on-demand water heater.

The house, valued at $675,000, is for sale for $499,905. That price doesn’t include transport, installation or the foundation — but does include all the nifty upgrades. But you don’t have to buy it — or even be interested in buying it — to tour it! If you can make it to Long Beach, take a free tour on select days until Feb. 21, 2009 (Check website for schedule; RSVP required). Or take a virtual tour on Kohler LivingHome website.

Kohler LivingHome could achieve LEED Platinum status if whoever buys the house takes advantage of all its eco-measures. The house comes graywater ready, for example, but its up to the owner — and the laws at the place the owner decides to put the house — whether or not to actually recycle the water.

Tour a pre-fab eco-home
Take a firsthand look at Kohler LivingHome, a green pre-fab assembled in just four days.