A few months before their unfortunate marital split, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson announced an exciting collaboration to help bring the heartwarming tale of an orphaned orca whale to the big screen.

Called "The Whale," the documentary focuses on Lunda, a male orca separated from his family who befriends the human population living off the western coast of Vancouver Island.

"He needed this friendship — he wanted connection," Michael Parfit — who co-directed the film with his wife, Suzanne Chisholm — told the National Post. "It's so powerful, that you have people from all walks of life who became dramatically engaged in caring about this single life at sea. He was interested in human beings for a social connection. Luna wanted eye contact, he wanted physical, he wanted almost this mental contact."

You can get a sense of how powerful that connection was in a new trailer for "The Whale" below. The film opens in limited release this September.

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Trailer for 'The Whale' surfaces
Film tells the true story of Lunda, a baby orca whale separated from his family off the coast of Vancouver Island who makes friends with the people he meets.