Do we have any fans of the movie "Tron" in the house?

In "Light Cycles," a group of avid mountain bikers, including Neve Abraham, Felix Abraham and Ruben Guibert, wind through the misty temperate rain forest of Whistler, British Columbia, leaving stunning long-exposure light trails in their wake.

The mastermind behind this project is Canadian filmmaker Mike Gamble, who wanted to see if he could create the iconic "Tron" light bike effect in real life using mountain bikes.

To achieve this trippy, spirograph-esque effect, Gamble and his team attached battery-powered LED strips to the rear wheels of mountain bikes. Gamble then followed the riders on foot through the woods of Whistler Mountain Bike Park with his camera, which was attached to a stabilized Gimbal rig. After the on-location video shoot, he turned to VFX guru Thomas Wood to bring out those distinctive "Tron"-esque light trails.

Catie Leary ( @catieleary ) writes about science, travel, animals and the arts.