Alexander Skarsgård, who plays the bloodsucker Eric on HBO's "True Blood", is reportedly set to step into the shoes of an eco-terrorist. 

The 34-year-old would play the leader of a group focused on punishing a number of unethical corporations for their environmental negligence. The film follows a female FBI agent, played by actress Brit Marling, tasked with infiltrating the organization and helping to bring them down. 

Zat Batmanglij, who is set to direct, co-wrote the script with Marling. “It’s something we’re both fascinated by, the idea of changing your identity, changing the outside of yourself, in order to infiltrate something," she said earlier this year

For those that have enjoyed Skarsgård's performance on "True Blood", it's easy to see why he'd be a perfect fit for "The East". The guy has the physicality to be a menacing villain and the acting talents to come off as a convincing activist hell-bent on revenge. 

If everything aligns, production on "The East" is set to start in Nashville in October and November, with Fox Searchlight expected to distribute. 

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'True Blood' star cast as eco-warrior
Alexander Skarsgård signs up for 'The East' as the leader of an eco-terrorist group.