Could predictions of UFOs visiting major cities on Oct. 13 have come true?

When it comes to New York City at least, it appears that something happened yesterday to make heads look up over 23rd Street in Chelsea at 8th Avenue. The objects appeared at about 1:30 p.m. — right about the time police and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said they began getting flooded with calls about the silvery lights.

"I saw five or six lights shining in the sky," one witness told the New York Daily News. "There was no way that thing was a balloon. There was something weird about it. Light just doesn't reflect off balloons like that."

Whatever they were, the sightings eerily line up with yesterday's date and the prediction a former NORAD officer made regarding alien visitors.

"Stanley A. Fulham’s 'Challenges of Change' predicts that Oct. 13, 2010, is the day when aliens will hover above the world’s largest cities," wrote MNN's Andrew Schenkel. "Reports about the book say the aliens will simply present themselves and will not communicate because in the past, 'their sudden intervention has caused fear and panic.' "

According to Fulham, the visitors are revealing themselves as some sort of warning about climate change. "This initial visit is, supposedly, just the first part of a process to gain mankind’s acceptance for removing poisonous gases from the Earth’s atmosphere in 2015," writes Schenkel.

According to the FAA, nothing unusual showed up on radar during the incident. "Nothing that we can account for would prompt this kind of response," one official said.

Regardless, sightings of this kind are more than likely to prompt increased interest in Fulham's book, which has led some to wonder whether this is a massive publicity stunt.

What do you think? Did you see the lights in the sky yesterday? Let us know down below!

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UFOs over New York City?
Oct. 13 sightings of strange objects in the sky over Manhattan line up with author's predictions.