Kids in slums worldwide not only lack basics like food and education, but also other things suburban kids take for granted, like safe places to play. And of course there is plenty of garbage - and plastic - littering up slum areas where people live and work.

TEDx Kampala's Ruganzu Bruno Tusingwire decided to solve two problems with one solution with his winning pitch for The City 2.0., called "Recycled Amusement". According to the organization, "Bruno's pitch was the winning one, and he will receive a $10,000 prize to help realize his idea: an eco-art amusement park built from recycled materials, for the children of the City 2.0."

Mostly plastic bottles will be used to create the playground, which brings play to a place that doesn't have many opportnities for kids to do so. And along with play, learning experiences.

A former fine artist, 29-year-old Tusingwire, who is also the founding curator behind TEDxKampala says, “I shifted from doing artwork to just hang on walls, having little influence on society, to doing art that solves community needs. It’s helped me realize my value to society.”

According to the TEDx site, Tusingwire came up with the idea for the project when he was a student at Kyambogo University and got involved in eco-art projects there. He met other artists and started making art from the cheapest material they could find: garbage.

“We can use what is around us to create treasure, employment opportunities, and make the environment better," says Tusingwire.

Starre Vartan ( @ecochickie ) covers conscious consumption, health and science as she travels the world exploring new cultures and ideas.

Ugandan artist makes playground from recycled plastic bottles
Artist and teacher Ruganzu Bruno Tusingwire wins the first 10K prize at TEDxQuatar with his innovative recycling idea that helps kids in need.