"Big Brother," the long-running UK reality series, is getting ready to show off its new sustainable digs to the public — and to welcome the contestants who will share every moment of their lives within its walls. 

The 14th season, which kicks off later this week, features a completely new home with a number of cool green features that would make even Ed Begley Jr. envious. 

“It’s all about self-sufficiency and recycling this year,” the team from "Big Brother" revealed in a statement. “As the housemates enter they will be greeted by a huge wall containing recycled life-size front doors. But what do they signify – and what lies behind them?" 
House for Big Brother season 14
Additional green features include recycled elements (kitchen stools made from old bike seats, suitcases that double as tables, old filing cabinets used a kitchen drawers) and some familiar eclectic ones — like a stationary bike that powers something called a "wooden snug." There's also a treehouse, outdoor shower operated by turning a wheel, and a garden with a "barred prison for any housemates that misbehave." Okay then
Outside of house for Big Brother, Season 14
As this year's theme is "Secrets and Lies," producers have teased that besides the multitude of hidden cameras, the home itself has many secrets to discover with "mystery rooms" and even a "camouflaged swimming pool in the garden." 

"Big Brother" premieres June 13th at 9 p.m. on Channel 5 in the UK. For more info, check out the official site here

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UK 'Big Brother' to feature new eco-friendly dwelling
Season 14 of the hit reality series will feature contestants living in a sustainable home complete with treehouse, vegetable patch and outdoor shower.