Phillip Schofield's decision to try a local Peruvian delicacy may have just been a part of experiencing another country, but to some of his outraged Twitter followers, it was akin to animal cruelty. 


The 50-year-old English broadcaster and host of such game shows as "The Cube" was traveling through the country when his guide suggested he try fried guinea pig, a delicacy popular in the highlands and often served with other meats and vegetables.


"Just had a very lovely lunch with our guide, Rowly," he tweeted along with a photo. "Yes that is a Guinea Pig on the table in front of us."


Of course, with guinea pigs being a revered pet in other countries of the world, in particular the U.K., such a sight drew the ire of some of Schofield's fans. 


“How could you?? They are little pets not dinner," wrote one commenter. “No need to eat it…poor little things," added another.


Schofield defended his decision to try the dish saying: “A) I'm not a vegetarian B) I also eat rabbit C) What's the difference?” When asked what guinea pig tastes like, he responded: "It's a bit more 'gamier' than rabbit. Meat lovely, skin not so much."


And for those who threw charges of animal cruelty at the host, he sharply decried their words.


"Can I point out for the record, and for the professionally outraged, my view on eating animals," he tweeted. "I have said, and I repeat, that I'm against animal cruelty! I will not eat anything that had not been properly farmed or cared for. There are many foods I would not eat because of that I'm opposed to illegal and cruel animal trafficking and all cruel animal farming. I have publicly opposed it & will continue to do so. I will not however impose a colonial British view on what other cultures eat as they're national dishes. Though I'm opposed to cruelty. Have I made myself clear?!!"




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UK TV host upsets fans after eating guinea pig
Phillip Schofield, British broadcaster and game show host, shocks animal lovers after revealing that he dined on the rodent while traveling in Peru.