On Sunday night's episode of "Undercover Boss," viewers were treated to what many would consider one of the dirtiest jobs in America.

The hit CBS reality series revolves around an individual in a high management position going undercover and posing as an entry-level employee as a way to better understand the company's faults — and to reward those further down the ladder.

This week focused on Bill Massa, the CEO and president of Synagro, the largest waste-processing company in the country. Yes, human waste. The former chemical industry executive joined the company a year ago, a move he says was inspired by a desire to work for a firm that did not pollute the environment.

Synagro converts sewage sludge into marketable products by drying, palletizing, composting and incinerating the bio-solids and by transporting them for land application as soil base and fertilizer. They also can be contracted to clean out sewage lagoons and to design bio-solids recycling systems.

"Participating on 'Undercover Boss' was an eye-opener as it allowed me to get involved in every aspect of Synagro's services and physically help convert waste into resources that directly benefit people and the environment," said Massa in a statement. "It was a humbling experience — one that allowed me to better appreciate the many pieces that go into assuring our company's leading position in waste conversion."

The episode featured Massa gathering sludge samples, wading through waste in a 2.2-million gallon bio-solid storage tank, breaking up 27-year-old solids, and other pretty horrible tasks. Truly, Massa earned the definition of "down and dirty" on the job.

Check out a clip below, or watch the full episode over on CBS.com:

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'Undercover Boss' features Synagro waste-treatment company
Synagro President and CEO Bill Massa gets dirty on the CBS TV show, "Undercover Boss," to better understand his business and his employees.