Much like Sheryl Crow and her "solar farm," Val Kilmer is finding it exceedingly difficult to find a buyer for his Pecos River Ranch in New Mexico.

The 5,328-acre eco-escape features beautiful rivers, gullies, and mountains, was originally placed on the market in 2009 for $33 million. The actor bought the place about 15 years ago with the intent to create a natural retreat — complete with a future eco-village of homes "constructed with indigenous materials" and required to have "government-certified organic gardens" and renewable energy systems.

Last October, he lowered that price by $10 million, and most recently, he dropped it yet again. “Recognizing current global economic conditions, the offering price has been reduced to 46% of its asking price to $18.5 million cash," reads the listing.

But it may not just be the global financial crisis worrying Kilmer. The AP reported earlier this week that the Internal Revenue Service had filed a lien last month in Santa Fe for an assessment balance of $498,165 for 2008 income taxes.

And this isn't even the first time he's run into government tax collectors! Back in 2009, the IRS filed a lien against the actor in the amount of $538,000, which, according to TMZ, he paid off only a few months ago.

So let's just say the guy could use the cash — and a better accountant.

Check out the newly re-designed listing for Kilmer's ranch here; which is a big step up from the ridiculous Craigslist advertisement he used back in October.

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