Val Kilmer is letting the people of Santa Fe know that he's a good neighbor.

The actor, who has been under fire from locals recently for some past comments allegedly made in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, has offered up his 6,000-acre "Pecos River Ranch" as a fundraising tool for the Santa Fe Film Festival.

The property's classic desert scenery features beautiful rivers, gullies and mountains.

For $500, a person can be a range boss for the day, getting a taste of ranch activities and fishing on the Pecos River. For $250, a person can be a ranch hand, or $125 will get you the position of wrangler for a half-day.

Festival co-executive director Michael Hare said that with the economic downturn, raising cash has been a difficult venture. According to the AP, when Kilmer offered, they immediately took him up on it.

"For over a decade, I searched for a property that embodies the alluring natural majesty and splendor of the Southwest," Kilmer writes in a promotion for the fundraiser. "My search finally ended here, at the Pecos River Ranch."

"It is impossible to put into words the beauty and power of this land. Come and see first hand why I’ve come to call this magical place my home."

If you're interested, the event takes place on June 27th. Jump here to learn more.

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