Despite efforts by a Pennsylvania animal rights group, the Virginia mansion that served as the HQ for Michael Vick's horrendous dogfighting contests has yet to find a new owner.

Dogs Deserve Better announced late last week that it had only raised $130,000 of the $600,000 needed to purchase Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels compound. Founder Tamira Thayne had hoped to transform the massive home and its 15 acres into a refuge for troubled dogs, rescuing them from chains or pens and socializing them.

"It's the good-basically-vanquishing-evil kind of scenario," she told the AP. "To take something over like this and basically bring in good would be very empowering for all of us. It's an important part of societal evolution."

Vick himself has supported the idea, telling The Washington Post that he believes "it would be positive and beneficial for a rescue group to purchase the property and create an animal sanctuary."

Thayne, however, isn't entirely giving up on the idea. She has asked for a 30-day extension to secure financing, hoping that incoming donations might exceed the expected $3 million needed to fully convert the site.

Personally, I think $3 million to convert a mansion into a dog refuge seems like a waste of cash. Dogs Deserve Better might find a more efficient use of the money is to start from the ground up with a new facility, one built expressly for the task of rehabilitating rescues. Their heart is in the right place, but the amount of capital needed just doesn't make fiscal sense. Here's hoping they direct their passion towards something more practical.

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