While the Spider-Man franchise has raked in the big crowds and even larger dollar signs on the big screen, it remains to be seen just how well the web-slinger will do on Broadway.

There are only a handful of days left until first previews of the new musical, titled “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” and stress levels are running high, especially because online expectations are that the show is going to be a massive $65 million disaster.

The New York Times' Patrick Healy recently caught a first glimpse of final rehearsals for the show as well as some hang time behind the scenes — includes time with the musical's famous composers, U2's Bono and The Edge.

According to Glen Berger — who wrote the show's script with Director Julie Taymor — when it came time to find some real-life inspiration for Spidey's Green Goblin nemesis, Bono suggested the billionaire environmentalist Ted Turner.

“Bono described this fast-talking, always-thinking, brilliant and strange Southerner, and you’re always looking for vivid characters who will pop on the stage,” said Berger. According to the article, the 72-year-old made an impression on the rock legend after the two spent time on Turner's rustic Georgia getaway.

The result of Bono's suggestion? From the NY Times:

The musical’s Osborn/Goblin (Patrick Page) has the gray hair and Southern accent of Mr. Turner and shares his concerns about the environment (hence, here, the “green” angle). “I hope Ted will like it,” Bono said.
Ted — and the rest of the public. Otherwise, Spider-Man will be sent packing, done in by the most fearful Broadway baddie of them all: bad reviews.

Check out a short preview of the show below:

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