With "The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season" DVD and Blu-ray sets coming out August 28th, some of the fantastic bonus material featured is starting to ooze out. 


For instance, an entire sequence was originally shot showing how our favorite survivors managed to make it out of Atlanta minutes after the Center for Disease Control exploded.


Writes EW's Dalton Ross: "I was on set playing the part of a zombie for an intense sequence in which Shane’s car breaks down just a few blocks away from the explosion, leaving him isolated from the group and having to fight off and outrun an army of the undead before finally being rescued by the group in the RV. But what happened after that?"


Ross adds that the bonus material on the sets will feature lots of extra zombie goodness - including more completed scenes around Atlanta and commentary as to why the footage didn't make the cut. As you'll see below, just because it didn't work, doesn't mean it's not awesome zombie television. 


You can pre-order the sets (which also optionally include this amazing zombie head case) over at Amazon here


"The Walking Dead" season three returns October 14th on AMC.



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