Pamela Anderon's modest 2,300-square-foot home in Malibu, Calif., has hit the rental market for a nauseating $75,000/month or $20,000/week. 


Renovations on her eco-friendly pad have only recently been finished, but the former "Baywatch" star says she just doesn't have enough time right now to enjoy its charms. "I'm traveling so much these days and am enjoying a lot more time in my native Canada with my family," she writes on the rental site listing. "I'm finally willing to share my masterpiece — what I've co-created with a handful of green architects and designers/inspired by my favorite architect Lautner — this is my humble stab at perfection ... it's a magical spot..."


For those with cash to blow, Pamela's pad includes all sorts of luxurious amenities, including a private salt water pool, sauna, rooftop deck, a kitchen described as "a chef's dream," and an authentic Native American wigwam for any interested guests. 


Oh yes — and pets are welcome, as long as they're potty-trained, and Pam has a private vegetarian chef on standby, should you have leftover funds to part with. 


"No matter what your reason for coming to Malibu, you will want to come back again and again after experiencing this beautifully designed home Pamela has created right by the beach," the listing states. Or, you know, you could do without the whole celebrity label and rent this 3,000-square-foot luxury Malibu home that has its own private beach for only $19,000/month.


To check out Pam's full listing (which includes some odd, washed-out pics), jump here

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