With life about to become much more complicated for Kate Middleton and Prince William, the soon-to-be-parents have placed an advertisement seeking a housekeeper to assist with their day-to-day routines. 

The UK Sunday Express received a copy of the internal job posting at Buckingham Palace listing the main duties as "ensuring all areas of the residence are cleaned and maintained to a high standard at all times, caring for and maintaining TRH (their royal highnesses) ­personal clothing, cleaning silverware and glassware, and in-house laundry.” A valid U.K. driver's license is also listed as "essential."

This all-encompassing servant will be expected to work an average of 37 hours a week (overtime is stated as "likely") with "discretion, loyalty and reliability" listed as paramount. 

An insider from the Palace told the Express that while the job requirements are daunting, that hasn't stopped a flood of applicants from submitting their resumes. 

"It is unheard of for one person to be asked to perform so many duties," the source said. "Clearly the Duke and Duchess are going to get their money’s worth out of whoever gets the job. About 15 people have already applied despite everyone wondering how anyone will be able to carry out all these duties in just 37 hours a week."

Most people employed as housekeepers expect to do a bit of cooking on the side, but walking dogs and driving too? And there’s also going to be a baby to factor into the equation. It’s unprecedented.”

Whoever the lucky candidate ends up being, they'll have plenty of time to adjust to their new schedule before the new baby arrives. Clarence House announced today (Jan. 14) that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting in July. Officials say the 30-year-old's condition is continuing to improve after her admittance to King Edward VII Hospital in December with hyperemesis gravidarum or severe morning sickness. 

It is expected that in late summer or early fall, Kate and William will  move into their new apartment at Kensington Palace, which is currently undergoing a £1million renovation. The 20-room pad, spread across four floors, includes a walled garden, extensive staff quarters and a nursery.

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Wanted: A super housekeeper for Kate and Will
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge advertise for a 'Downton Abbey'-style servant to attend to the royal household when they welcome their first child this summer.