It's official: "Reading Rainbow" is coming back. And it took less than 24 hours to make it all happen. 

The much-loved children's series, which ran from 1983 to 2006 on PBS, decided to turn to the Internet to fund a comeback; with longtime host LeVar Burton asking anyone who was ever touched by the show to lend a hand. "Together, we can change the lives of millions of children," he implored. "But you don't have to take my word for it: just keep reading!"

The Internet responded in kind, with over $1M in donations flooding the campaign site in less than 24 hours. A teary-eyed LeVar Burton immediately thanked fans via video: 

As of right now, the campaign is closing in on the $2M dollar mark - a staggering show of support for literacy that will now push the series into even more classrooms around the country. 

"I am overwhelmed," Burton said in a Reddit AMA this afternoon. "Yesterday was an amazing day and quite emotional. To have reached our goal in roughly 11 hours was beyond our wildest imaginings. The fact that so many people have become a part of this, and are donating $1, $5, $10 - this is, I believe, a response to the need for people to feel like they can make a difference. It's been interesting, because along this journey we have heard from many people in terms of our business model - do you think Reading Rainbow is still relevant? Yesterday proved beyond the shadow of a doubt the relevancy of Reading Rainbow's mission. AND the importance of reading in this culture."

To donate to the "Reading Rainbow" kickstarter (which still has 34 days to go), jump here

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Watch a tearful LeVar Burton celebrate 'Reading Rainbow's' $1M goal
Beloved television series is now closing in on the $2M mark.