Take a 10-minute work break for a good cause — World Water Day — and watch a moving animated video, “The Incident at Tower 37.” (via Treehugger)

Written and directed by Chris Perry and produced within the collaborative animation curriculum at Hampshire College where Chris is an associate professor, “The Incident at Tower 37″ tells the story of a battle over water — between a corporation that dries up a waterbody and the ecosystem that’s being destroyed.

Although that description makes the film sound like a David and Goliath story, the actual film is much more human — or perhaps fishy — in scale. In “The Incident at Tower 37,” the battle happens between one human — presumably a very small cog in a gigantic corporate wheel with many many more water towers — and a few tiny fish affected by the water siphoned off by the tower.

The two sides fight — and leaves one side dead. And unlike most such battles in real life, the fish win — though the result is hardly a happy victory. Here’s how Chris Perry puts it in an interview with TakePart:

The ending is truly a Pyrrhic victory for the lead fish. He achieves his original goal, but not without great loss. I do think there is a seed of hope at the end: even despite the tragedy, the fish knows humans are capable of seeing them as the intelligent creatures they are.
Enjoy the film. And happy World Water Day, everyone.
Watch a water war on World Water Day
A 10-minute animated video called 'The Incident at Tower 37' tells the story of a battle over water between very smart fish and an empathetic human.