Arnold Schwarzenegger + a mustache and wig = a really poor disguise. 

The former governor pranked members of Gold's Gym in Venice, CA with this hilarious combo as part of a promo for a charity fundraiser through Omaze. Using the disguise, Arnold posed (poorly) as an employee of Gold's and went around encouraging people with some hilarious advice. Naturally, as soon as he opened his mouth to speak, the rouse was up. 

"Hi, how's it going? How many miles you running?" he asks one woman on a treadmill. She stops, looks at him with instant recognition, takes out her ear buds and says, "Oh my God. Hi."

Others however, thought Arnold (pretending to be a guy named "Howard") was just some weird guy. 

"Stop being a baby," Arnold says to one guy sweating up a storm. "This is Gold's gym. It's not a baby's gym." 

Schwarzenegger's raffle with Omaze involves the standard $10 entry for a chance to "ride shotgun with Arnold in his Sherman tank," workout together, and then end the day smoking cigar. Even better, Schwarzenegger has offered to match every dollar donation. The whole thing benefits After-School All-Stars - a leading national provider of year-round, school-based, comprehensive after-school programs.

Click here to enter - but please, take a moment to also watch Arnold's hilarious prank too. 

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Former governor dons hilarious disguise as a promotion to raise charity cash for after school programs.