As I mentioned a few weeks back, "Avatar" is getting ready for its second bow in theaters; something the studios behind the film are hoping you'll rush out to see yet again. As a bonus to their bottom line, it will only be available in IMAX and 3D — so if you're planning on taking the family, start saving now.

And why should you see "Avatar" again? Well, there's no denying the film looks stunning on the big screen. but to sweeten the deal, director James Cameron has added eight minutes of additional never-before-seen footage. Sure, that should have just been included as a bonus feature with the earlier-released DVD, but I guess when you've got something this hot, it's best just to keep milking it.

And besides, $350 million seems a bit underwhelming a paycheck for all of Cameron's hard work, right?

Anyways, the long-rumored sex scene between Jake Sully and his Na'vi companion — as well as some additional glowing plants and animals — are supposedly included in the new eight minutes. Whether that alone justifies a repeat viewing in theaters (as opposed to just waiting for the extras to appear on YouTube) is up to you.

"Avatar: Extended Edition" will hit theaters on Aug. 27. Check out a trailer for the new re-release below:

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