Charlie Sheen isn't above making fun of himself — which is why this new clip from "Funny or Die" is a welcome respite from the mentally unbalanced videos the actor has recently released.

While the world has embraced such hilarious sayings as "Tiger blood!" and "Winning!", there's also a general unease that what we're seeing online is not an act, but something much more serious. Some psychiatrists have even recommended that Sheen be hospitalized against his will.

“[Sheen] thinks he is above it all. Like God," said Dr. Reef Karim, an addiction medicine psychiatrist. "This could easily be mania or hypo-mania where there is an alteration in brain chemistry and it’s causing them to act in a bizarre way.”

Whatever is going on with the 45-year-old, he still knows how to deliver the comedy. Check out the "Funny or Die" clip below for Sheen's new cooking show — which includes a winning homegrown salad.

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