Last Friday, documentary filmmakers for the Discovery Channel's hit series "Curiosity" flew a Boeing 727 above the Sonoran Desert, ejected the pilot, and recorded the plane's impact. The stunt was part of an as-yet-untitled episode that will "re-create a serious, but survivable, passenger jet crash landing with a real aircraft." 


According to a statement released by Discovery, the plane was filled with dummies and a slew of cameras inside and on the ground to record the moment of impact. The event is the culmination of over four years of planning and included the cooperation of more than 300 people on the ground. 


"This groundbreaking project features an actual crash of a passenger jet and explores the big questions about how to make plane crashes more survivable; it's the ideal premiere episode for our 'Curiosity' series that stirs the imagination of our audience, bravely asking questions and fearlessly seeking answers," said Eileen O'Neill, president of Discovery Channel.


In consideration for the amount of debris this crash created, the network says they are working on a full environmental cleanup of the site in cooperation with a reputable agency. 


Below is some spy video taken of the 727 as it crashed in the desert. The crash and the results of the accompanying research will be shown later this year in a feature-length documentary to air on Discovery.


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Watch Discovery Channel crash a Boeing 727
Cable network films the destruction of the passenger jet as part of its documentary series "Curiosity."