Remember Kristen Bell's hilarious meltdown last year over her love of sloths? The actress while appearing on "Ellen," showed a birthday video that included a surprise moment that triggered tears of joy. 

“The day of my birthday, we’re sitting in the living room and I hear a knock at the door,” she told DeGeneres. “[Dax Shepard, her fiance] says, ‘Your present is here. Why don’t you go grab the dogs and go in the back room?’” Bell told DeGeneres. “I had no context for knowing what it was, but I grabbed the dogs and walk into the back room of the house and I was immediately overcome and I thought, ‘There’s a sloth near. There’s a sloth here; it’s close; it’s going to happen.’”

Yes, Kristen Bell is sloth-obsessed. At one point during last year's taping, DeGeneres joked that she had a sloth waiting in the wings. Last week, she actually delivered. 

"Alright, you ready for your surprise?" DeGeneres asked the pregnant "House of Lies" actress. "What do you think it is?"

Bell said she was frightened. "I have a nurse standing by somewhere if you deliver," quipped DeGeneres. She then brought out a sloth named Lola, much to the ear-to-ear grinning delight of the actress. 

As Bell sat in awe, Ellen got serious and said, “This [sloth] is kind of a representative/an ambassador to remind everybody about deforestation, because we’re losing these guys.”

Check out the adorable clip below. 

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Watch: Ellen surprises Kristen Bell with a sloth
Actress has a well-known obsession with all things sloth related.