UNICEF UK ambassador Ewan McGregor has created a new PSA urging the British public to give support to those suffering from floods in Pakistan.

"We’ve all seen the shocking pictures on the news about the floods in Pakistan," he says in the video. "These floods have affected more people than the Haiti earthquake and 2004 Tsunami combined and as in all disasters, its the children who have been hardest hit – an estimated 3.5 million children in Pakistan are now in need of urgent help."

“I spoke to the Deputy Representative of UNICEF in Pakistan this week, and she told me that children’s homes and schools have been washed away. They have no food or clean water. The roads and vital supplies have disappeared over night. Pakistan has never seen a disaster of this scale before. The situation is desperate and as a UNICEF Ambassador, I am asking you to do what you can to help children."

According to LooktotheStars.org, UK celebrities like Robbie Williams, Sir Roger Moore, David Beckham, Michael Sheen, and others have been tweeting, facebooking, and helping to spread the word to donate. To date, some £3m has been pledged to UNICEF from the UK public.

Check out Ewan's video below:

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Watch: Ewan McGregor urges UK public to help Pakistan flood victims
Actor specifically spotlights the plight of children impacted by the crisis.