When Discovery Channel debuted "Planet Earth" several years ago, the bar was instantly raised for the nature documentary industry. Gorgeous visuals and sound presented in high-definition video brought a new level of awe to people's living rooms. It truly was groundbreaking television.

Discovery upped the ante with its more intimate "LIFE" series this past spring — but now the National Geographic Channel is looking to steal the crown with its new special, "Great Migrations". The seven-part series, shot in high-definition over the course of three years, follows the arduous journeys that millions of animals undertake to ensure the survival of their species.

Narrating this epic is none other than Alec Baldwin — a solid choice who should prove to be less distracting than Oprah on "LIFE".

NatGeo recently released a new four-minute extended preview for "Great Migrations" — and there are glimpses of greatness here that will definitely inspire more awe from the living room. Check it out below: 

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Watch: 'Great Migrations' extended trailer
National Geographic's epic three-years-in-the-making miniseries coming this Fall.