In the (terrible) film "Prince of Persia", Jake Gyllenhaal can be seen flying over chasms, dangling from ropes, and performing other death-defying stunts thanks to the magic of Hollywood. In real life, it's a whole different story. 

The Hollywood Reporter scored some exclusive clips of the actor taking on Mother Nature with Bear Grylls in the premiere of the new season of Discovery's hit reality series "Man vs Wild". As I mentioned earlier, Jake joined his survivalist host on a two-day adventure in Iceland filled with plenty of nail-biting moment to make even the most seasoned outdoorsman sweat. According to Bear, however, Gyllenhaal was up to the challenge.

"The wild is always very revealing — not only physically but mentally," the host said. "You've got to smile when it's driving horizontal hail and be able to face your fears and just get on and do it — and on both of those accounts, Jake came up strong."

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