Following up on last year's humorous holiday PSA, Matt Damon and have produced yet another classic promotion for their water bottle gift campaign — this time with the 41-year-old dressing up as St. Nick himself.


The clip features Damon asking kids what they want for Christmas — but instead of promising their wishes, he pushes them to consider buying a water bottle from instead. The results are what you would expect, complete with confused looks, near tears and flat-out disagreement. 


"Water bottles are not gifts," says one kid. "They're just for drinks."


"You know, Santa is really good friends with Matt Damon," the actor tells another. "I could maybe even get you an autographed bottle."


"Who's Matt David?" the kid replies to an incredulous Damon. The laughs continue later when the kid acknowledges that he knows who Ben Affleck is. 


Check out the PSA below. To support the organization ($10 from every sale goes to supporting clean water projects in the developing world) hit the site here


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