In a recent cameo on Showtime's hit series "House of Lies," Matt Damon once again proved why evil Matt Damon is my favorite Matt Damon. 

The actor, who tends to always play a crazier, vindictive version of himself during television appearances (Remember his hilarious turn on HBO's "Entourage?") posed as a potential new client for the consultant company where Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell’s characters work. During an aside with Cheadle, he revealed he's not only into free swag, but also is seriously interested in forming a charity that will overshadow George Clooney's humanitarian work. 

 “Look, you know what I need, right?," he whispered. "I mean, I just basically need a cause that’s the size of Clooney’s cause, only with bigger t**s. I mean, that guy, he puts on a Hawaiian shirt and they hand him a f****** Oscar, right? I mean, ’cause everybody thinks he’s so deep, you know? ’Cause they see him on TV going ‘Grr, Darfur, bad!’ … F*** him. I wanna be on that podium next year pi**ing down all over his face.”

Some will remember that the real life Matt Damon helped start the Darfur charity Not On Our Watch with Cheadle, Clooney, Brad Pitt and several others. He’s also done tremendous work in recent years with, an organization he helped co-found that funds clean water initiatives around the world. 

But perhaps the best part of last night’s episode is the genius PSA created for the actor’s new faux charity called “Damon’s Children.” In it, a bloodied Matt Damon saves kids from violence, wields a machine gun, and helps treat patients in the hospital. Check it out below.

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Watch: Matt Damon's hilarious charity PSA spoof
In a cameo on the Showtime series 'House of Lies,' Damon plays a version of himself out to best the humanitarian work of George Clooney.