IFC's "Portlandia" continues to deliver the laughs — with its most recent spoof aimed squarely at those of us who obsess over recycling. 


The sketch comedy series, now in season two, features "Saturday Night Live" cast member Fred Armisen and actress Carrie Brownstein playing different characters living in Portland, Ore. The show tends to make fun of "hipsters" — from those who insist on knowing everything about where their food comes from to hikers who need just the right "look" before heading out into the wild. 


"It's mostly improvised," Armisen told Esquire. "We shoot on location at all these houses in Portland, so it doesn't feel like it's at a studio. And Carrie and I try to keep things positive. Not cynical, not ironic."


In this new "Sanitation Twins" sketch, "Portlandia" take the standard waste bin system (one for trash, one for recycling, and (in some communities) one for organic waste) and expands it to include everything from coffee lids with lipstick to fingernails. The end result is “fresh air, clean water, and good vibes” with the exception being, well, I’ll let you watch to the end to find out. 


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