Did you miss the worldwide, star-studded premier of "The Age of Stupid" — and didn’t have the time to organize a screening in your neighborhood? Well, you’re in luck. You can watch the movie right now, in front of your computer — at least for the next 48 hours or so.

Why? Because of the elections in the U.K. In a mass e-mail today, Franny Armstrong, the filmmaker behind "The Age of Stupid", writes that because this election is “utterly crucial,” she and her posse have decided to make "The Age of Stupid" free for 48 hours — until the polls close Thursday night.

"The Age of Stupid" stars Pete Postlethwaite, whose character looks back from an almost post-human future of global climate change. Looking back at footage from around the world today, Pete’s character gives us glimpses of how humans made the stupid decisions that made themselves extinct — or on a brighter note for the filmgoers, how we can choose NOT to make this age the age of stupid.

The film’s only supposed to be free to watch in the U.K, but I’m watching it free right now, so I guess it’s accidentally free for all. Stream it now — and if you’re registered to vote in the U.K., vote!

The Age of Stupid from Age of Stupid on Vimeo.

Watch 'The Age of Stupid' free online
The makers of sci-fi eco-film 'The Age of Stupid' are letting you watch the movie free -- until the polls close in the U.K.