Hay bales, open country, and shallow graves for the bride and groom. We wouldn't expect anything less for a Schrute wedding. 

Last night's "The Office" series finale was filled with many awesome moments - concluding after nine seasons with the same laughter and emotion that made the show so special. One highlight in particular was Dwight's farm-themed wedding to Angela - where the bride and groom stood in shallow graves during their vows "as a reminder that this is the only escape from what they are about to do." 

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For anyone planning a similar theme for their wedding, you might also want to take this practical tip from Dwight with regards to seating.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for coming. Now please, take your hay bales to the reception. They will be used for seating. Complimentary hay hooks are placed along the aisles. Just stab them on in there." 

Check out the clip below. 

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Watch 'The Office' finale farm-themed wedding
Warning: This glimpse of the Schrute wedding comes with some heavy spoilers.