Little known fact: If you ever happen to turn into a zombie, you'll also gain the tap dancing prowess of Fred Astaire. Which begs the question: Was Fred Astaire a zombie? 


The hilarious geniuses over at AVByte have released their latest short timed perfectly with the record-breaking return of AMC's zombie series "The Walking Dead." In it, we see a young man pursued by a legion of the undead - which then naturally break out into song and dance to reveal that they're just misunderstood. 


"Every living we meet/Thinks we wants all the meat/They make flee/They don't see/We need eats!" 


While I doubt we'd ever see the zombies on AMC stage a musical number, you never know: even "Grey's Anatomy" had a musical episode


Check out the fun below: 



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Who knew zombies could tap dance so well?