Want to see what a compliment looks like? Shea Glover, a high school student from Chicago, can show you. Glover recently completed a social experiment to document the exact moment when people were told they were beautiful. She captured each moment on video and turned each response into a before-and-after series that will make you rethink the definition of beauty.

Beautiful photo seriesGlover's experiment was an attempt to capture the beauty of a compliment. (Photo: Shea Glover/YouTube)

For her project, Glover asked students and teachers at her school to pose for a picture. Some of them she knew, and some she didn't — but none of them knew the real reason for the photos until the camera started rolling.

Beautiful photo seriesGlover's project reminds us that there's so much beauty in the world. (Photo: Shea Glover/YouTube)

While Glover videoed, she told her subjects that the theme of her project was photographing things she finds beautiful. In an instant, their faces transformed from passive to full of raw emotion.

Beautiful photo seriesSome of Glover's subjects showed pure joy, some cried, and one even got angry. (Photo: Shea Glover/YouTube)

The impact of Glover's words is clearly visible in her photographs. She captured the exact moment when her subjects heard the words.

Beautiful photo seriesThese photos show how powerful a simple compliment can be. (Photo: Shea Glover/YouTube)

Beautiful photo seriesKind of makes you want to give someone a compliment today, doesn't it? (Photo: Shea Glover/YouTube)

The photos are a strong reminder of how much impact a compliment can have. But the video is even better. It captures the sparkle, the joy, the laughs, and the words generated by each compliment. In one instance, it also captures some rather salty language when one of Glover's subjects gets visibly angry upon hearing that she's beautiful.

Make sure your kids and your boss are out of earshot and give it a watch.

The world sure is a beautiful place, isn't it?

Watch the reactions when people are told they're beautiful
These before-and-after shots perfectly capture the moment a compliment is received.