At 90 years young, the accolades for Betty White just keep coming. 


The latest was unveiled Monday by Madame Tussauds, who honored the actress with her own life-like wax doppelganger dressed in a hot pink tracksuit. "This is such a thrill, and such an honor, and don't think I take it lightly, and don't think I take it for granted," White said at the reveal. "I am the luckiest old broad on two feet."


Of course, she did have one critique for the artists at Tussauds. "The only thing that irks me is they waited until I was 90," she joked. "A few decades ago would have been swell."


Based on the recent statues of Kate Middleton and Prince William, we know that each waxy creation can take up to four months and cost over $240,000. 


"We started by using as many pictures as we could get hold of from all sorts of different occasions and we pieced the head together from different photos to get the structure right— likeness is important but so is the expression," Louis Wiltshire, who made Kate's wax head, told the U.K. Telegraph in April.

"It takes about five weeks to sculpt the head in clay and the body takes about the same time," she added.


White, who celebrated her 9th decade back in January, has heralded her golden years as time to celebrate a life well-lived with friends and wonderful memories. 


“I’m not only blessed with good health, but good energy,” she said. “I can credit my folks for the genes that put that together. But I can’t get over that at this age, I don’t feel this age. I’m not trying to be any younger. I’m not lying about my age. If I were lying about my age, I would say I was 89. I’m just at one of those good times in your life, and there’s been so many of those through those 90 years, but I’m at one of the high spots. I’m healthy enough to enjoy it. I’m surrounded by friends I adore. Isn’t that kind of the best way to sign off?”


Check out video of White's wax figure celebration below. 





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