When it comes to parody songs, nobody does it better than Weird Al Yankovic. 

The 51-year-old has sold more than 12 million albums — with his latest "Apocalypse" hitting the world on June 21. To celebrate, the first eagerly anticipated single, "Perform This Way" (a spoof of "Born This Way,") has been released, fittingly lampooning pop sensation Lady Gaga and her array of costumes. 

But it almost didn't happen. Yankovic wanted Gaga's permission to use her song, but her manager apparently shot him down without ever passing it on to the pop star. "I remember very clearly the morning that I uploaded the song, thinking that my album was postponed indefinitely and that this song that I’d been working on for weeks and weeks was never going to see a proper release," Yankovic told Wired

Thanks to a passionate Twitter following, Gaga eventually did hear the track and enthusiastically gave her approval; calling the spoof "empowering."

In the video, Weird Al hilariously goes through a variety of Gaga-themed outfits, including a beehive, that controversial meat dress, unicorn headdress, Swiss cheese, and a little bit of "Avatar." The comedian says he intends to donate all profits from the song to the Human Rights Campaign

"I try not to do parodies that are in bad taste, and the fact that “Born This Way” was a gay rights anthem, I just felt a little strange poking fun at it," he told Wired. "There’s something a little wrong about that. The way I could justify it personally was by donating my proceeds."

Check out the video below:

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