Larry King is giving some massive exposure to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society by inviting Paul Watson and some of his crew onto tonight's show. Also in attendance will be Mr. "Price is Right," Bob Barker — a staunch anti-whaling activist who recently donated $5 million to the organization.

Of course, the real attention will be on Watson, who last week was added to Interpol's watch list at the request of Japanese authorities. The "Whale Wars" star and his crew were blamed for shortfalls in kill quotas by the Japanese whaling fleet this winter in the Antarctic. Sea Shepherd has also started patrolling the Mediterranean, looking for fishing vessels illegally harvesting endangered bluefin tuna.

"I am angry that the bluefin tuna crisis has gotten so out of hand," said Watson of the new campaign. "The fishing industry is literally investing in the extinction of this species so that they can control the price by hoarding the entire supply of bluefin tuna in cold storage. This kind of greed cannot be allowed to continue.”

Watch "Larry King Live" tonight at 9 p.m. EST on CNN.

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'Whale Wars' to hit 'Larry King Live' tonight
Both Paul Watson and former 'Price is Right' host Bob Barker to appear.