Imagine waking up one morning, hearing that the North Atlantic has just been hit by a massive meteorite, and knowing that a cataclysmic death wave will hit your location in less than 12 hours. 

That's the intriguing premise behind writer-director Zak Hilditch's new film, "These Final Hours," which focuses on a man in Perth, Australia, coming to grips with the world's end. Unlike "The Road," which features a father and his son navigating a post-apocalyptic world, "Hours" shows the relationship between a man and a young girl he saves while society crumbles around them. 

“The real root of it all is my fascination with death and my fear of dying,” Hilditch told Beat. “That’s probably where it all started. I just really love films where the big cataclysmic event is happening and the people have to band together, but my favourites are the ones that focus on the people and what the people would really be like when this was happening, as opposed to the event overshadowing the whole thing – [such as] Ben Affleck on an asteroid having to save the world."

So what does the end of the world look like in "These Final Hours"? It's basically what you might expect — people comforting each other, looting, violence, riots, drug-fueled parties and giant orgies. All of the best and worst parts of society come front and center. Check out a trailer below:

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What would you do with only 12 hours left until the end of the world?
A new film, 'These Final Hours,' explores Australia's final hours on Earth — and how society might react.