Los Angeles County coroners have finished their autopsy of pop superstar Whitney Houston, who passed away in a hotel room on Saturday at the age of 48. While gossip site TMZ.com is reporting that a lethal combination of prescription drugs and alcohol were behind Houston's untimely death, a clear picture of what killed her won't be readily available for weeks.


Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in the U.S. Nearly 15,000 Americans die each year from painkiller overdoses, far more than those who die from illegal drugs. State governments are working to link prescription databases to help fight drug abuse.


Sources say that while there was prescription medication present at the scene, very few pills were actually recovered. Houston's official cause of death will not be determined for six to eight weeks, pending toxicology results, reports ABC News


At R&B singer Kelly Price's pre-Grammy celebration on Thursday night, Houston gave what would be the last performance of her career, a memory Price says she will cherish for the rest of her life.


"She told me, 'Do whatever you can to maintain normalcy at home'," Price said to Rolling Stone. "Do whatever you can to be there with your family, keep your family around you. Don’t let this business define who you are at home, don’t let it become your everything because this wonderful gift that we have will also, if you’re not careful, and you allow the business to consume every area of your life, it will tear you apart.'"


"I worked with a lot of artists," she added. "She is probably the only one that just without any selfishness at all would push me," Price said. "She wanted me to be heard, she wanted me to be seen. And on Thursday night she said to me, 'I am proud of you. I’m proud of you.' And that means so much because I understood what that meant."


The "Today" show recently met with two people who spent time with Houston during her last days. Check out the interview below: 

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Whitney Houston's death still remains a mystery
TMZ.com says relatives were told a deadly combination of drugs and alcohol caused her passing, but the L.A. coroner says no cause of death will be released unti